The Market Position Statement is your best source of information on Norfolk’s Home Support Market

As you know we have published our 2018-19 Market Position Statement (MPS). This is our summary of the Norfolk Social Care Market as it currently stands and how the Council intends to shape it to meet people’s needs.

The MPS contains information on the Care Market from current demand for services to the care that Norfolk County Council purchases. In 2017-18 the Council commissioned services for nearly 17,000 adults at a cost of just under £300 million. 7,882 people were in receipt of home support at a cost of just over £32.5 million.

Norfolk has a vast, varied and complex care market. Earlier this year the Council undertook a significant study to provide Adult Social Care decision makers with information to assist them in formulating future plans. You can find insights from this study in the MPS, ranging from the average number of hours home care service users receive per week to and workforce figures to quality and market sustainability issues.

The MPS also contains information about the Home Care Provider Framework we are operating to stabilise and consolidate the Home Support Market, the use of banded pricing to pay a higher hourly rate in more sparsely populated areas and the Enhanced Home Support Service which has been developed to enable people to avoid going into hospital or residential care and to settle in at home following a hospital stay. The MPS also offers insights on Care needs, strategic developments, Social Care spending and the workforce within the localities that you operate.

Download the Market Position Statement from