Provider Portal – Benefits of the Portal

Norfolk County Council is replacing its current social care system CareFirst, with a number of new systems that will change how we interact with you and pay for the services that we commission. The most important of these systems for providers of care and support will be the Council’s new finance system ContrOCC and the Provider Portal. As we have outlined in these weekly updates we are now moving to ContrOCC for all our providers, and going live with the Provider Portal for all home support providers on 23 November (followed by residential providers from December and day support providers in the New Year. If you would like more information introducing you to the changes, including our online training videos, please visit our website.

The Provider Portal will be your window to the information held in ContrOCC and will offer all providers of care and support a number of benefits moving forward.

  • You will be able to view and manage your Individual Service Orders (ISOs) within the portal with the facility to download into a PDF document. For the first time all this information will be maintained in one place, giving you full access to the same documentation that Council Officers see – be it your current or historic ISOs
  • You will be able to review new ISOs and either ‘accept’ if the information is correct or ‘reject’ if you see any errors. This will eliminate delays in correcting minor errors in documentation and make more transparent what care has been commissioned
  • You will have the ability to control the access of your employees to the portal, adding and removing users as your staffing changes. With the Provider Portal you will be in a position to manage who can view and amend records, helping you to share vital information within your organisation
  • You will have the ability to maintain and edit the details the Council holds on your organisation’s address and contact details. This will help us to improve how we communicate with you, ensuring that you always receive up-to-date information
  • You will be able to view and download a lot more detailed remittance advice on the payments you receive from NCC. This advice will for the first time give you a breakdown of your payment by service user (including individual services if they receive multiple services)
  • You will also be able to communicate with multiple teams within Norfolk County Council through the portal and raise queries about care documentation, contracts and payments in one place. The portal will help us monitor messages, provide a record of queries including when they are logged and improve how we interact with each other

The Provider Portal also has a number of further benefits to providers, depending on the type of care you deliver.

  • Home Support and Day Support providers will have the ability to add details of the actual services they have delivered directly onto the system on a four weekly basis. This will give them complete control over this data and the power to create invoices within the portal that will result in prompt payment for the commissioned services provided
  • Residential Care and Supported Living will be able to review their next payment a week before processing, giving them the ability to check the details and make any amendments. This will help ensure that the Council always pays for the services provided

Overall the Provider Portal gives you more information on the care we commission, control over information on the care you provide and access to help resolve queries. All of this will result in a smoother, more transparent process from care arranging to payment for the services provided.